Hamilton: Children and people suffering because of selfish men

Working, Striving towards a more Peaceful World "I WRITE, I SHARE, I DREAM!"

Lewis Hamilton has once again used his social media presence to advocate global peace and well-being – today, the reigning Formula 1 champion used his Instagram platform to call for an end to conflict in the Middle East, primarily Syria.

On his Instagram story, Hamilton wrote:

“Everyday I wake up and see the news on Syria. It’s been going on for nearly 9 years, why has the world stood by and let them [the Syrian people] suffer. These poor children and people suffering everyday because of selfish men, countries not doing anything to help them. This is so sad. Praying for the people out there “

see https://www.grandprix247.com/2020/02/24/hamilton-children-and-people-suffering-because-of-selfish-men/?fbclid=IwAR3jpTfLL4MHbLBMD6ZQzyBPiINwEOlPE-zyisHD5Wy7F1t54OurzBMdlGM


Also see http://www.sportforpeace.wordpress.com

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